A wise understanding

Here is the basic distinction we need to make:
1. Akarma
2. Naishkarma

They are two different things. One is the process and the other is the result.

Akarma leads to Naishkarma.

When we do karma (actions that are essential for the life process to continue…) we need to clear it off and bring it to the rested state (sthitha). This process is called Akrama. (Undoing)

Akarmaiva Mokshah:
Akarma will bring equilibrium. Akrama makes the actions to inactions. Doings to undoings. Close down all the processes.

When we allow the things to unwind themselves, they ultimately end with non-doing (nothing to be done). This is Naishkarma or the state of Moksha.

Now the role of nature:

Anything done in tune with nature will undo itself.

 Anything done in tune with nature will undo itself.

Akarma is a cyclic process in nature. Everything is sine curve in nature. so whatever is done will be undone automatically, like births and deaths.

There is no effort in nature in doing or undoing. Just as breathing, heart beat happen effortlessly, same with every activity in nature. Life and death are also effortless. It is a beautiful process of the life cycle.

When human tries to deviate from nature’s principles, try to overtake nature, dictate God’s creations and manipulate the cycles in nature, life becomes effortful.

All such actions drain-out energy even though they seem to be dynamic and invigorating. It is just like eating masala.

When is masala required? Only when we cook food. If you fry it, more masala is required. If you fry in oil, much more masala required to stimulate the nerves. They are all going to drain away the energy.

Eating food as is available in nature, requires no additional stimulants.

We think pleasure is in manipulation. Then we need to teach how to come back to restful states. Simple sleep will not be enough. No animal is taught to meditate, but by default they all know to hibernate for years together if the conditions are not suitable. Human being is till now not able to achieve this, exceptions to a few yogis who could get tuned to nature.

However great an enlightened soul one may be but life must be in tune with nature. Nothing else can help much. No amount of devotion, wisdom and naishkarma yoga will help man to outgrow nature.

Even the best of the avadhootas who could demonstrate their Supernatural powers, still had to bow down to death miserably as they have manipulated the nature’s principles.

Make a study of people like Tukaram, Meera bai, though devotional they lived life being in tune with nature. So they could reach God directly. I know a great poet in Telugu, called, Pothana. He was a farmer and lived life close to nature and Hanuman came to teach him Ramayana and Bhagavatham. His works are extraordinary as direct revelations from God. Same with all Rishis who could pronounce the vedic wisdom staying in deep jungles.

What are the steps needed?

  • Going to SSY, AMC and BST will help a modern man to start liking a life closer to nature making it simple and less effortful.
  • Starting Natural Farming make one live close to nature and get tuned well to nature.
  • Vana prastha or living in jungle or in a place where one need not worry about any man made resources, will make a person get totally tuned to God, making life completely effortless.

If people were to plan such, they need to educate their family and make them understand that living with nature is the best way of life.Or else they may be ending up in an ICU by the grace of their own family members!


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