How do I help my baby suffering with gas?

Do hiccups help relieve gas in infants?
Burping and Belching. Burping is a natural way of expelling gas built up in the stomach and you should encourage your child to burp during and immediately after a meal. However, if your baby hiccups, burps, belches or spits up excessively, it may indicate that too much air is being swallowed during feeding.
The best natural solution for the baby digestive problem is to help your baby crawl from day1. Every baby that crawls will have good digestive power. They need not be burped after feeding. They will never have gas problem.
Hiccups are also unless chronical will disappear as the baby is given the lessons of physical development which are offered in the RIE Infant Siddha Program.
Be regular with the physical development activities. if the problem is found to be chronic, apply sleep talk to clear it.


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