When you include someone with you, you call it falling in love. When you include all those who are included by the one you love, you call it a family! When all such families included called a community. All these communities coming together in inclusiveness is the world.

It is the same with your own self. All parts included is called the body. Body in inclusion with the mind and Soul is you.

Inclusion is the process of integrating with the whole. Every time we include someone as a part of you, you grow. Every time you are included by others you gain energy.

Inclusion is the way you find something common with you in others. It is the way of saying “Yes” to all. When you say ‘yes’ and move ahead, you are freed from that. Freedom is in inclusion.

You don’t have to do anything effortfully to include. An effort is required to exclude. In inclusion, you are completely safe and secure. Fear is found in exclusion. Inclusion gives assurance and confidence. There is no reason required to include. To differentiate and exclude, you find reasons. It is an intellectual task. Inclusion in contrary is a heartful joyous play.

To separate is to kill. When the Soul gets detached, the body dies. When a part of the body is amputated that part dies and the remaining body loses its strength. A cutdown branch dies unless it is included by the process of planting in the soil. Life starts when two living beings are included. That is the conception of a baby.

We are never something in separate elements. Many elements come together and included to form this body. By being a part of nature this life continues.

Let us all learn to include everything and everyone at every moment and be a part of life on earth. Learn the science of inclusion (yoga) to enrich our living. PPW РPregnancy Planning Workshop is a remarkable guide to include life within life. It is the way that the life nourishes and grows. Let us learn to be natural and enjoy the continued journey of inclusion from moment to moment. For details of the workshop, contact Raviji @ +91-9392444251 or send email to isponlineteam@gmail.com


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