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ISP- an experiantial workshop on parenting..

Do you know that your…


1 day young child can crawl?


1 day young child can read words?


1 year young child can recognize words and math cards?


You can affect your baby's superior intelligence in the womb itself.

By the age of 3 yrs your child ..


Can read like yourself


Can understand 10 or more languages.


Can do binary functions in Maths.


Can operate computers.


Can play the piano, violin, harmonium or any other instrument.

Join us to explore and learn how all these can be done ..

Get Your ISP Orientation Now ..

ISP orientiation

Your Benefit

Experience the parenting as wonderful gift of God


Discover your Child’s Subconscious Mind

Molding your child through vision and tapping the subconscious mind


Physical Development of your Child

Learning to stimulate the complete Physical Development


Start Reading and Math’s program since day One

My the age of 3yrs you can find your baby reading and doing math just like adults


Feeding the inquisit thrist of your child's Brain

The possibility of a child remembering the whole Britannica Encyclopedia


Natural discipline

Disciplining your child naturally, joyfully and effortlessly.


Developing all the 5 senses

Developing the child’s sight, smell, touch, taste, & hear from day 1. (As soon as he/she is born)


Stimulate the brain fully ( left and right)

By enhance creative skills through drawing & story telling along with reading programs


Feeding the child with nutritious food

Know the nutritious food and feed your child effortlessly.

Few videos of ISP in action..

ISP orientiation
ISP orientiation
ISP orientiation

Few Testimonials of the ISP participants..

My 17 month old has started recognising numbers and animals. I don’t have any pics of fruits and veg but i show him whatever i have in fridge. I am happy that i was able to attend the classes living outside India. Its been very different experience and it has shown so many ways to teach. This seems like totally different parenting, happy parenting.

Anjali Gupta

Yesterday I had an awesome experience with my son. It was just yesterday that i tested with my son (using Bits of fruits). And he was 99% right. He is 9 months and 19 days.I was surprised and even now i could not believe!!!!!

But didn’t take video starting day.May be the next time i’ll take a video of it and post.

Vani chezhiyan

We have been doing ‘say n do to’ our little tot. We are seeing good responses from her. And also we are showing flashcards to her. Only for couple of seconds we could grasp her attention, which otherwise momentarily changing. She gazes whenever she listens to music or singing. We are enjoying a lot, we are very much thankful to Guruji and Gayathrima.. 🙂

Saithilak Kumar

Frequently asked questions from the participants..

( If you have any specific query, you are welcome to submit here. We will get in touch with you )

What is ISP - the joy of parenting, really intended for?

ISP – The Joy of Parenting is an experiential workshop that guides parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 years.

It deals with the overall development of the child covering the Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional andSpiritual areas. It also deals with imparting total Education to the child covering all the 5 elements of nature, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Who can join/benefited from the course?

This course is intended for the Couple planning for the kids or Currently pregnant or Couple having the children of age group 0-8yrs.

  • Parents/Guardians taking care of children,Teachers by profession.
  • Any one who is interested in the children and help them grow as leaders of the future generations.

*Although the implementation starts after birth, doing the course during planning or pregnancy stage will buy time to prepare the material required for the child after birth.

When do I can join the course?

It is easier to teach a child of 3 years than a child of 4 years.
It is easier to teach a child of 2 years than a child of 3 years.
It is easier to teach a child of 1 years than a child of 2 years.

The earlier tone starts, the easier it is.
In fact the best time to start is at the time of conception itself !
What is the duration and schedule of the course?

It is a 9 sessions program each session lasting for 2 hrs. sessions at your convenience. You will have 2 months to complete the course.

Personal contact class (chargeable): For any clarification or questions during the course, consultation can be arranged with prior appointment.

What is ISP e-course?

Pujya Guruji Sri M.R. Ravijisankar (Raviji), founder of these programs will be facilitating ISP e-course. There will be 9 sessions, which you can go through at your own pace at your convenient time right from your home.

Request us for a link to watch a recorded free introduction of ISP done by Raviji. Meanwhile you may please complete the registration.

We do offer PPW: Pregnancy Planning Workshop for planning, pregnant and normal delivery. Click here to know about PPW. Avail 10% discount on PPW when you join both PPW and ISP together.

How much the course costs and how do I pay?

Please contact us for payment details, we will guide you as per your requirements in the further process..

Do you offer any special consultation if require?
Personal contact class (chargeable): For any clarification or questions during the course, consultation can be arranged with prior appointment
Advantages with e-course?

In many ways it is becoming easier and more effective as the parents are learning in their own native environment at their own leisure hours.

  • There are no hectic travels spending time and money polluting the atmosphere further.
  • It is more Eco-nomical for the couples to participate in the classes staying at their various locations.
  • Even a wife and husband staying thousand of Kms. away could take part together and enjoy learning with their family.
  • Doing assignments, sharing their materials online has become easier and more effective with the multimedia presentations.
  • To followup their participation after the course is also more effective with these online courses.
  • Parents even have a choice to take part at their own optional period of time.
  • Bed resting pregnant and couples staying away from each other have the highest advantage through these online ISP programs.
Things that are required for the session

Laptop or the Computer with the Headphones and Internet connection. For couples using single system, you would need a headphone jack splitter or two headphone jacks to attend the meeting, so that both can participate.

Whom to contact for further info?

If you want any further clarification and any further details, you are welcome to contact at  isponlineteam@gmail.com and/ or mahaacharya@gmail.com. Or click here and submit your query, we will respond soon possible.

Please call or SMS Gayathrima at +91-7569261234 / +91-8985507365, WhatsApp: +91-7569261234

After completing/ during the course, if you have questions, you may please fix a paid consultation appointment by contacting us @ +91 9392444251/ 7569261234.

Steps to join the course

Please email to isponlineteam@gmail.com to know further details of the course.

Make Payment and email.


Fill the registration form


You shall be enrolled into the course from WIZIQ

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