Money is meant to spend

Money is meant to spend:

Everyone wants money because they want to spend. Even if they are accumulating the money it is also for spending. Sometimes may be by the one who earned it and sometimes it is by someone they kept the money for.

Utilizing the money resource:

Money is a resource like water, air and light for the living things. Money, to be precise is a resource for all resources now. That means you spend money to get the resources you need.

What is the money spent for now?

Money is accumulated today for the future requirements. Future being imaginary and unknown, we accumulate money to the extent possible. Many insurance companies en-cash this future contingency money saying it will come to the need in future. Most of the money earned by people is kept like this either in the form of insurance policies, Gold, bonds, property, real estate, etc. With all the assurance of the future, people still keep earning money. There is never a state of enough for this. This makes people leave their excesses of earning left to their kith and kin after their death. Mostly it is spent for their funerals and other expenses and in addition might be spent for their grand children. But all this is done only after the death of the one who earned it.

What is wisdom?

Wise are those who value life on earth and other wise are those worried about life after death. Wisdom is to plan and earn money that is required to live a joyous life with those who are living with them.

Once, one of my wonderful students asked me, “Guruji, I made two apartments, each for my two children. who are educated and now doing their jobs. Have I done justice to my family?” I asked him, what did your father left you?” He said, “Nothing, just a 5 acres land in the village with a thatched hut. I ask him to leave that to come and stay with me, but he refuses.” Then I told him, “Your children might also say similarly, what did my father left excepting an apartment and educating us?” as they are well settled and earning more than you could with all struggle in your life time.

This is the paradigm of life. The value of money keeps changing with the time. What you see it as something, may not mean anything after a while. Just like de-monitization.

Spending money wisely.

A wise will spend it very nicely for the sake of people who care for him. Most of the money is spent wisely like you use fresh vegetables and fruits without keeping them in the refrigerator. Life is enjoyed fresh and fragrant. The money spent is an expression of care for the people around him. He uses money or offers it for the things he sees as the most needed. His offering of money is a genuine appreciation of the things going around. He is pretty sure that there is enough money to do the wonderful things around. Money required need not come from him alone. He is open to money, knowledge and any other resource to do what he appreciates to make it happen. He looks forward for how well he will be of a contribution to the world that is going on beautifully.

Unwise spend the money for solving their problems.

Unwise sees life as a problem to solve. He keeps the job of finding what is wrong with life. He wants to set everything solved. He spends his time for it. Similarly he accumulates money for solving them. He saves money for solving future problems that may arise.

Look deep within and find out how wise you are? Be truthful to your own self and start life; with or without money. Let the celebrations keep happening.


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