Parents Sharing - Raviji's Infanity Education

Dear wonderful ISP parents of beautiful children,

hope you are celebrating with your family especially with your child.

If you feel like sharing your joy with us, please contact us and share the videos and photos of your baby doing ISP sessions.

We love to hear the progress of your baby and your achievements as parents.

If you have any videos worth sharing with us, send them and we will select the best ones and share them in our web site. We want to reward those parents who excelled in ISP implementation.

We like to inform you that we are coming up with the new version of ISP very soon.

If you want to take a video of the baby doing ISP sessions, here are the guidelines:

1. Take it with good camera or the mobile with good resolution.

2. Take the video in good light.

3. Let the sound be clear without outside noises.

4. Introduce the child and parents before recording. Mention the age of the baby.

Eg. “I am Raj and my wife Rani with our 3 months baby Yuvraj”

5. End the video with a note of thanks to Raviji and ISP. Like: “Thank you Raviji for the ISP you offered”

6. Make videos of 1 to 3 minutes for each activity.

7. Send them to or upload here below in the form..

Please send the following:

User Information

Personal Details


Course Information

Your Experience with the course(s)

It is a pleasure for us to share this wisdom with such wonderful parents like you.

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