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Pregnancy Planning Workshop

PPW –a special course for the couples planning for their desired baby …


Do you want to have a child with particular features?


Do you want to have a normal delivery?


Do you want your child to learn reading and maths during pregnancy?


Do you know you can communicate with your baby during pregnancy?


Do you know that you can affect your baby's superior intelligence in the womb itself?

If Yes, then this is the program designed for you..
ISP Joy of Pregnancy Introduction
Life begins with the conception of the baby! Pregnancy is a nature’s miraculous work. Which sperm unites with the ovum and impregnates is still a mystery to the world.

There was a breakthrough with  Sri Raviji and Gayathrima who conceived their first child after 4 years of their research. This gave the confidence that it is possible to conceive irrespective of many biological factors not favoring the couple. The study was based in both medical and spiritual approaches making holistic in total.

Lblue-300x222ater their study went into conceiving a baby of their choice. The experiments were on application of mind, body and spiritual energy coordinating with each other. What appeared to be unsolved became clearer and resulted in giving birth to their second child, their desired baby girl, Sugamya. She is a designer child born with blue eyes and the attitudes and responses are well planned in advance before and during pregnancy. 

Today it is far from doubt that a couple can invite a child of their choice. It has given light to many couples who were struggling to conceive a child. Many doctors started recommending this training before the couple go for conception. This is gradually becoming a required qualification for any married couple before they think of becoming parents.

Hence this is now introduced as a special course for the couples planning for their desired baby. This being a sensitive issue, we recommend couples to come with an open mind to experiment and learn to follow the instructions given in the course wholeheartedly! Your open mindedness is the door to the new possibilities in life. Your enthusiasm will definitely give better results. Your love and concern for your partner is the key to success. We want both the partners of life to participate in every session and make your experiment successful.

The knowledge and sadhana enriches you. There is nothing to lose in experimenting. It will definitely help you improve your health and give birth to a healthy baby.

Human Development in The Womb
Join us to explore and learn how all these can be done ..
As a pregnant you will understand ..
( Gayathrima will be guiding you the dos and don’ts during pregnancy and after pregnancy  )

What food to eat during pregnancy at different sages?


How to relax and get tuned with the baby?


What instructions to give to your baby during delivery?


How to take care of normal pregnancy conditions like nausea?


What exercises to do at various stages of Pregnancy?


And hundreds of such questions from pregnancy till natural delivery are answered.


Sri Raviji and Gayathrima’s interviews were telecasted many times in TV channels. Scores of couples have successfully became parents of wonderful children.

Frequently asked questions from the participants..
( If you have any specific query, you are welcome to submit here. We will get in touch with you )
What are the topics covered in PPW?
Vision, Relaxation, exercise, food, talking to fetus, suggestions for natural delivery, sleep patterns, costumes, Entertainment, books, movies, interactions with people, habits, confidence, planning first and second baby, preparing your first baby for the second one to come.
Who can join/benefited from the course?
This is a course designed for parents who are planning and pregnant. Though the course starts from the planning stage, Parents in the last trimester also can get plenty of information and knowledge, dos and donts and to prepare the parents for normal delivery.
What is the duration of the course?
It is a 9 sessions program each session lasting for 2 hrs. You can go through the off line sessions at your convenience..

You will have 2 months to complete the course.

How much the course costs and what are the payment methods?
Please contact us for payment details, we will guide you as per your requirements in the further process..
Do you offer any special consultation if require?
Personal contact class (chargeable): For any clarification or questions during the course, consultation can be arranged with prior appointment
What is PPW e-course?

Pujya Guruji Sri M.R. Ravijisankar (Raviji), founder of these programs will be facilitating PPW e-course. There will be 9 sessions, which you can go through at your own pace at your convenient time right from your home.

Request us for a link to watch a recorded free introduction of PPW done by Raviji. Meanwhile you may please complete the registration.

We do offer ISP: Infant Secret of Parenting for parents having children of age from 0 to 8 yrs. Click here to know about ISP. Avail 10% discount on PPW when you join both ISP and PPW together.

Personal contact class (chargeable): For any clarification or questions during the course, consultation can be arranged with prior appointment.

What is the difference between PPW and Designer baby counseling courses?
PPW is the basic course for planning and pregnant couples. DBC is a course for personal sessions right from the planning stage till normal delivery which includes, specific sadhanas, pranayam, meditation taught, solutions to any complications, pregnancy blues, mantropadesha, during delivery instructions.
If you are already pregnant, only PPW may be sufficient. For planning couples, both can be done.
Advantages with e-course?

In many ways, it is becoming easier and more effective as the parents are learning in their own native environment at their own leisure hours.

  • There are no hectic travels spending time and money polluting the atmosphere further.
  • It is more Eco-nomical for the couples to participate in the classes staying at their various locations.
  • Even a wife and husband staying thousand of Kms. away could take part together and enjoy learning with their family.
  • Doing assignments, sharing their materials online has become easier and more effective with the multimedia presentations.
  • To follow up their participation after the course is also more effective with these online courses.
  • Parents even have a choice to take part at their own optional period of time.
  • Bed resting pregnant and couples staying away from each other have the highest advantage through these offline courses.
Things that are required for the session

Laptop or the Computer with the Headphones and Internet connection. For couples using a single system, would need a headphone jack splitter or two headphone jacks to attend the live counseling, so that both of you can participate.

Whom to contact for further info?

If you want any further clarification and details, you are welcome to contact at isponlineteam@gmail.com and/ or mahaacharya@gmail.com. Or click here and submit your query, we will respond soon possible.

Please call or SMS Gayathrima at +91-7569261234 / +91-8985507365, WhatsApp: +91-7569261234

After completing/ during the course, if you have questions, you may please fix a paid consultation appointment by contacting us @ +91 9392444251/ 7569261234.

Steps to join the course

Please email to isponlineteam@gmail.com to know further details of the course.

Make Payment and email.


Fill the registration form


You shall be enrolled into the course from WIZIQ

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