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An education system starting from infancy, moving to infinity ..

RIE is about developing the child ..


in 6 areas namely microbial, physical, mental, social, emotional and celestial development


in 7 senses namely sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, humor and common sense


in 9 intelligences namely Visual, Musical, Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Logical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic and Existential


in 6 dimensional studies namely Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Poorvameemamsa, Uttarameemamsa.

Raviji’s Infanity Education

Raviji’s Infanity Education System (RIE):

Infanity Education means, an education system starting from infancy moving to infinity. The philosophy, principles, methodology, techniques and schedules are designed to give an education that starts at infancy and continues to grow infinitely with no limit for learning.

RIE’s Transforming education is envisaged to meet the needs of today’s learners

Infanity Education System was envisaged and is developed by Poojya Guruji Sri M R Ravisankar ji (Raviji). This is an advent, dimensionally originated from the versions of ISP- Infanity Secret of Parenting and Mathrumandiram which were also initiated and developed by Sri Raviji in the years 1994-2014.

It is a collective evolution of parents, school and children for new discoveries.

Raviji’s Infant Education(RIE) is a 100% child oriented learning.

Raviji’s Infanity Education’s integrated methodology is a living, dynamic process which is based on:

a) Recent developments in Brain research, Cognitive and spiritual Science, Emotional and creative approach to learning.

b) Multiple intelligence theory establishing Intelligence is not a single ability but there are multiple ways of being intelligent. Hence education needs to be individualized.

RIE is learning with complete freedom of thoughts and expressions. The holistic approach in Infanity Education is from tangible product to abstract learning.

Dear Parents, teachers and school, you tell us what you wish your child to learn and we train you how to do it even if you do not know the subject.

Infanity Education- VISION

RIE provides complete education starting from Infancy to Infinity

Every parent realizing the responsibility of offering his/ her best to their child through education so that an overall growth of the child happens.

Parents are active participants in learning by offering their best to their children.Each parent owns all children and each child has many parents.

Training Programmes:

RIE will train all parents having children from infant to 18 years of age. RIE can be started by parents having children less than 18 years of age. First the child’s mental age will be observed and parents will be trained to facilitate their child’s education in any or all of the 9 types of intelligences. Children will learn and explore at their own pace.Once RIE is systematically implemented by parents as instructed, such children would love to learn and explore and keep learning new throughout their life.

These courses improve learning by helping facilitators of any subject foster critical thinking skills, such as collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Getting Started RIE course: ( Two 2 hours weekly sessions)

This course provides an introduction to software productivity tools and learner-centered approaches.

RIE Essentials course: ( Four 2 hours weekly sessions)

Learn how to develop units that integrate technology into your existing classroom curriculum and promote learner-centered learning.

For Pre-primary teachers / home schoolers:

Advanced Online course:

Work with other facilitators to build communities to advance integration of technology and latest RIE learning.
It is a long-term training of 1-year duration.
This is an online interactive training programme being conducted by Sri Ravisankarji himself. It is conducted in cooperation with founder of Matrumandirs, Gayathri ma. Broadly, it consists of understanding the principles and the individually customized methodology of the Raviji’s Infanity Education teaching-learning process – which is covered in the weekly online sessions.

Short-term residential training of 6- 8 days duration:

Every year, during April-May, training courses are held at village Penukonda. The subjects being covered are:

a) The principles of child-education; d) Arts-related experiences;
b) Experiences in RIE mathematics; e) Project method;
c) Language-related experiences in Infanity education; f) True to life learning.

Short-term residential training of 6- 8 days duration:

Every year, during April-May, training courses are held at village Penukonda. The subjects being covered are

a) Principles of Consciousness-based learning; d) Social and spiritual sciences;
b) Language skills for various age groups; e) Geography and Ecology;
c) Mathematics for various levels; f) Projects and causes.

Need-based Trainings:

In the event, a group of Home schooling parents or teachers, or for that matter that of Primary teachers desire for any special short-term training course, it is so arranged dependent on mutual conveniences (for a minimum of 25 trainees).

Orientation Workshops:

A special Raviji’s Infanity Education orientation workshop over a period of 3 hours is conducted for the benefit of teachers and parents on the subject of ‘How learning takes place?’ Any institution or any group can take part in this workshop. It covers the layout and discussions (questions and answers) on some of the following subject headings. Through these sessions, Infanity education developments in education and educational methodology are covered.


Parents do register online by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

RIE Training for schools:

It is slightly different to the above incorporating:

  • Signing a franchise agreement.
  • Training of teachers and other staff including the principal.


  • Self learning
  • High self esteem
  • Feeling of oneness
  • Integrated learning
  • Love to learn all subjects

Join us to explore and learn how all these can be done ..

Basic premises of RIE’s joyful learning

Dear Parents, teachers and school, you tell us what you wish your child to learn and we train you how to do it even if you do not know the subject !


Quality education can be exercised through self-learning only. Seniors can only facilitate juniors but not teach


Self-learning to be achieved by way of experience, exposure, practice, observation, experimentation and scientific thinking


Education should be evolved out of life, and therefore should be made relevant to life and environment around


Living Values in education – freedom, rationality, equal opportunity, co-operation, joy of sharing and beauty are some of the cherished values


All possible means of knowledge and the necessary use of technology, cultural environment to be provided to enhance the self-learning process


Individualized / customized education in community environment

Raviji’s Infanity Education has developed a well defined methodology based on the above concepts which can help parents, home schools, educational institutions to transform their approach to teaching.
Dear Parents, teachers and school, you tell us what you wish your child to learn and we train you how to do it even if you do not know the subject.

Frequently asked questions from the participants..

( If you have any specific query, you are welcome to submit here. We will get in touch with you )

What is RIE training is all about?

RIE trains the parents about — how to learn a subject of their own interest

It is 100% child orientation, giving the child the total freedom of learning and encouraging to grow.

There is nothing like the child will learn this only in this year. A 8 year child may cpmplete10th syllabus of maths, but till in 8th standrd syllabus of science.

They are neither age bound or syllabus bound. Children can learn anything and everything.. Every child is special in their own pace of learning and subjects of their interest.

RIE will also help a child to recognize where are the bottlenecks in its learning process. RIE gives a special attention to the child to recognize its learning skills and develop them to reach its highest capacity to learn and apply. Student is made to look beyond the subject, syllabus, teacher and the school.

Who can be benefited from the course?

RIE is for anyone who wants to learn and teach.

It need not be academic subjects alone, even handicrafts and other skills also be learnt.

How RIE help in learning any subject?

Learning a subject or any thing depends on two aspects in general. First one is your ability and other is the special skill required to learn that particular subject. So RIE provides both these trainings.

Every objective of learning has enough sources to draw from. RIE will show possibilities where one can get required data and wisdom. .. It further leads a person to find life a continuous learning process.

When do I can start RIE?

Infanity can be started by a parent at any age of the child only approach will be different. Parents of a new born child, a 4 year, a 8 year, a 13 year child can start. They will be trained further based on what they already know…

Is there any age constraint to apply RIE to my child?

It can be upto 18 years age as they are not adults till that age. For above 18 yrs children, parental influence may have less impact in their life . They are supposed to be independent.

We may take some special cases if feel required ..

What is the duration of the course?

RIE is a continuous training process for parents. Here parents will enroll for a 40 sessions training with one session per week.

My child is week in Maths and he is not interested in Math, how can I manage him study better?

Infanity education gives a child the ability to learn anything efficiently.

If the child is weak in learning it must be with all the subjects. Then we need to find out what is that child needs as a support to develop its interest. Parents need to be trained to guide the child in inspiring them to study and overcome its fears.

If a child is week in particular with a specific subject, then, we may have to study the child’s school environment and the teacher’s behavior with the child.


What is the impact of RIE on regular academic subjects?

Child can go and attend any exam and come out with flying colors.

How do I join RIE course?

Please contact us for, we will guide you as per your requirements in the further process..

Whom to contact for further info?

If you want any further clarification and any further details, you are welcome to contact at  isponlineteam@gmail.com and/ or mahaacharya@gmail.com for any further details. Or click here and submit your query, we will respond soon possible.

Please call or SMS Gayathrima at +91-7569261234 / +91-8985507365, WhatsApp: +91-7569261234

After completing/ during the course, if you have questions, you may please fix a paid consultation appointment by contacting us @ +91 9392444251/ 7569261234.

Steps to join the course

Please email to isponlineteam@gmail.com to know further details of the course.

Make Payment and email.


Fill the registration form


You shall be enrolled into the course from WIZIQ

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