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Good morning Guruji, we Udayasrii & Hariprasad are blessed with a baby girl on August 14th, and it's a normal delivery.

I am so thankful to you guruji as I set my mind for normal delivery and it has happened. The baby is active...

Udayasri & Hari Prasad

Jai Guru Dev

       Now I am in 7th month Guruji,I am practicing "say and do", showing flash cards, and had a vision of the child. Daily I am doing it. Feeling baby movements while touch and talk, it's really a great feeling that can't be expressed in words guruji. I Am enjoying my pregnancy ..but still lazy in doing meditation and walking, I will overcome it in this week guruji.
Thank you for your support guruji

Namaste Guruji,

After our ​PPW and ISP ​course, we were blessed with a baby girl. By the grace of the almighty and your blessing, our younger daughter is doing miracles in social, spiritual, education etc at the age of 2.5 years. Thank you so much Guruji from the bottom of my heart.

With thanks and respect,


Jai Gurudev ! We are blessed to receive your love in the form of ISP to our child. He is 2.5 yrs now and he can read English and Sanskrit words. We are really amazed with the way he responds to our Sleeptalks and we are enjoying this parenthood thoroughly. Inspired by our Guruji Sanjay Thakker we are facilitating his learnings at home only and want to continue this way till he turns 8 after which we want to send him to our Maralvadi Gurukul for his complete education.

Kavita Anshuman (09538130895 or 07350846300)

Hi all! I am delighted to let you all know that my 2 months old son is quite enjoying the FLASH cards.

We at home are all stunned to see that once we show him the cards (English or dots) he feels soo happy and has a very big smile on his face. He keeps on laughing loudly during the time the cards are shown. Hopefully it means that he is enjoying the cards.


yesterday i had an awesome experience with my son. It was just yesterday that i tested with my son (using Bits of fruits). And he was 99% right. He is 9 months and 19 days.I was surprised and even now i could not believe!!!!!

But didn't take video starting day.May be the next time i'll take a video of it and post.

Vani chezhiyan

My 17 month old has started recognising numbers and animals. I don’t have any pics of fruits and veg but i show him whatever i have in fridge. I am happy that i was able to attend the classes living outside India. Its been very different experience and it has shown so many ways to teach. This seems like totally different parenting, happy parenting.

Anjali Gupta

Dear Raviji ,

I am grateful to you for the way in which ISP helps me in bringing up Yaathra. Almost 2 years since attending ISP every concept in ISP makes complete sense . It is giving me direction in parenting . Yaathra is told to be one of the brightest . Thanks to you Raviji . I will watch the video and call you. We are planning to go ahead next year after march . I am committing myself to apply ISP completely to this child from the time of conception and to doubly experience the Joy of Parenting . In fact the Joy of Parenting makes complete sense these days 🙂 .

Love always,


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