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RIE- An Education System, starting from Infancy moving to Infinity..

Pregnancy Planning Workshop

Pregnancy is a nature’s miraculous work. It is possible to conceive, irrespective of many biological factors not favoring the couple..

Designer Baby Counselling

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to design your baby right from conception. Your visions for a wonderful baby is possible with counseling at each step of planning to conceive your baby.

Infanity Secret of Parenting

ISP – The joy of Parenting is an experiential workshop that guides parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 years.

RIE's Online Natya Course

Art is an expression of life, Let’s join and learn this beautiful expression

RIE’s yeS yeS whY

This course is a process of transforming yourself to be more universal and inclusive in every aspect of your life.

Brief About Us

Pujya Sri MR Ravisankar Guruji

Sri MR Ravisankar

Founder of ISP Courses

Sri M R Ravisankar

Founder of Infanity Education Courses.
This is Infanity Education. Sri MR Ravisankar guruji, normally called Raviji is the founder-facilitator of all the courses at RIE.
He inherited legal profession from his ancestors and is a Post Graduate in Law  but opted to stop practicing the legal battles. He hails from the lineage of Masters following Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar being with him for over 3 decades. Being a disciple of Guruji, inspired him develop this special program for parents called ISP and further developed courses for pregnant or planning couples to free a child from any sort of hindrance for their growth.

Sri Raviji has personally conducted more than a thousand workshops on various aspects from education to Yoga; from the science of living to religious harmony; from health and fitness to rural development and natural farming.


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Learn directly from the founders of these courses


1000's parents benefited through out the world


Can attend right from your home


Get life time patronage


Learn at your convenient time


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What Our Learners Say

Now I am in the 7th-month pregnancy, Guruji. I am practicing "say and do", showing flashcards, and had a vision of the child. Daily I am doing it. Feeling baby movements while touch and talk, it's really a great feeling that can't be expressed in words, Guruji. I am enjoying my pregnancy ...

Thank you for your support guruji 

- Udayasri

We have been doing ‘say n do' to our little tot. We are seeing good responses from her. And also we are showing flashcards to her. Only for a couple of seconds, we could grasp her attention, which otherwise momentarily changing. She gazes whenever she listens to music or singing. We are enjoying a lot, we are very much thankful to Ravi Guruji and Gayathrima...

- Saithilak Kumar

Thank you so much for the well framed course and presenting it the way that is understandable . I take this opportunity to thank Raviji for this most valuable course.

- Mendu Jaya

Very powerful knowledge. I am glad that I enrolled my name when I'm planning my baby. Super excited to do the things and super duper excited to see my extraordinary child.

- Vrushali Gawade