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Sri Raviji’s Infanity Education

Pujya Guruji

Sri MR Ravisankar

Founder-facilitator of all the courses at RIE

Brief About Us

Pujya Sri MR Ravisankar Guruji

Sri M R Ravisankar

Founder of Infanity Education Courses.
This is Infanity Education. Sri MR Ravisankar guruji, normally called Raviji is the founder-facilitator of all the courses at RIE.
He inherited legal profession from his ancestors and is a Post Graduate in Law  but opted to stop practicing the legal battles. He hails from the lineage of Masters following Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakar being with him for over 3 decades. Being a disciple of Guruji, inspired him develop this special program for parents called ISP and further developed courses for pregnant or planning couples to free a child from any sort of hindrance for their growth.

Sri Raviji has personally conducted more than a thousand workshops on various aspects from education to Yoga; from the science of living to religious harmony; from health and fitness to rural development and natural farming.

Sri MR Ravisankar

Founder of ISP Courses

In the lineage of masters

He was blessed by his Grand Master Nada Brahma Bhagawan Sri Vishweshwariah in Nada vidya and directed and created a number of devotional music albums. He composed many songs with lyrics and tuned them with the grace of the divine Master.
He plays a key role in “Rural Development Programmes” , which is now an accredited Karnataka University degree program in leadership called B.A. in ILRD (Inspirational Leadership for Rural Development). Education seminars on developing “Super Memory and Intelligence” delivered by him are attended by thousands of teachers, Professors and even Vice-Chancellors of universities. They bow down to him in all humility for enlightening them on “What is real education?”

Sri M R Ravisankar

Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji is married as per Rishi tradition and has two children and thousands of disciples to care for. He and his team under his Guru’s direction have built a number of Ashrams in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Guntur, Vizag, Bombay, Pune, Karimnagar, Shimoga where people enjoy the deep silence.

He is a catalyst for hundreds of Muslims and Hindus to pray together in temples and mosques. He has been conducting Global Religious Harmony continuously for the past 30 years.
He has an army of people trained by him to bring up India as a significant power in the world. Teachers trained by him are training scientists of important Research Institutions such as ISRO, DRDO, Aeronautical Research center, B.D.L., Naval Research center etc. to empower them as a group. Similar empowerment work is going on in important Business Houses like Kirloskar, Bank of Maharashtra, Bank of India, ECIL, HAL, GM(India), Thermax, Voltas, OTIS, India Cements, many Thermal Power Projects etc.

His discourses in hundreds of episodes on various subjects including Leadership, meditation, marriage, parenting, devotion and agriculture are telecast by many TV channels like, MAA TV, TV9, TV5, etc. and by Radio channels.
His popularity and stature are never a barrier for Sri Ravisankar Guruji to be like a child among children, young among the youth and the wise among the elders. His greatest gifts of all are Fun club and ISP- Art of Parenting for which he may be honored with the highest honor of the country.

Sri Ravisankar has taken up a new mission of building awareness among Rural A.P. in Zero Budget Spiritual Farming. Sri Subhash Palekar, the founder of this movement is closely mentoring Sri Ravisankarji in making A.P. poison free food bowl of India.

Guruji’s Contributions to the world:

  • Established hundreds of SSY based centers throughout India and abroad
  • Built more than 25 Rishi Kshetras (ashrama) throughout India catered to education, agriculture, health and welfare activities.
  • Founded more than 40 Rural and Urban Matrumandirs (Nursery schools) in A.P and Karnataka.
  • Conducted hundreds of seminars on leadership in management, studies, parenting and religious Harmony for the past 30 years.
  • Conducted innumerable workshops on Children’s parliament and Neighbourhood Community Network of Fr. Edwin in establishing Sathya Samrajya.
  • Now training thousands of farmers in A.P. through his workshops in Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)
  • Establishing ZBNF based model farms in Anantapur district.
  • Online courses in ZBNF and ISP-Infant Siddha Parenting Programs giving the best to the children
  • Unique program on designer children. His own daughter is the first-ever such a creation developed on a systematic approach.
  • Unique program on designer children. His own daughter is the first-ever such a creation developed on a systematic approach.
  • Discourses telecast in Telugu for over a year covering various topics starting from leadership to spiritual elevations in human life.
  • Rural Education modules developed for educationally backward children in A.P.
  • Holding virtual classrooms over web conferences catering to the needs of the global population on various subjects like spirituality, agriculture and Joyful parenting.
  • President of Neighborhood Community Network (NCN) movement which has won the UN recognition as the Best children’s Empowerment movement.
  • Leading as the President of the Neighbourhood Community Network movement throughout the world.
  • Working in consultative status with UN’s ECOSOC since 2017.
  • Adopted and developing a rural village establishing Inclusive Children’s Parliaments, Inclusive Youth Parliaments, Inclusive Women’s Parliaments empowering the citizens.
  • His latest work of Infanity Education is getting ready to be released as a guiding book for educationists.

Compliments to Pujya Guruji and Gayathrima from Eminent Personalities:

Wishes from Sri Vijay Bhatkar
(Sri Vijay Bhatkar is an Indian computer scientist and a Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awardee. India’s computer magazine Dataquest has placed him among the star pioneers who shaped India’s IT industry.)

Appriciation from YUVA 2.0 School of Human Excellence
Pujya Guruji gave presentation on PREMARITAL EDUCATON on 02-01-2021 as a part of EDUCATION IS CELEBRATION organised by YUVA 2.o.

Greetings from Sri Vishwanath Karad
(Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad is Founding Executive President and Managing Trustee of the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER) as well as Founder and Director-General of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) in Pune.)

Honors and awards received by Pujya Guruji on various occassions:

Award and title from Sir C V Raman Academy
Sir C V Raman Academy (Deva Samskrutika Samstha) on their 19th Yugadi Celebrations in Telangana State honored Sri Raviji with “Suvarna Ghanta Kankana” and by a title “Seva Ratna” on 12/02/ 2017 at Indira Priya Darshini Auditorium, Public Gardens, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Hyderabad.

Award from Nagamma Foundation & Transformation Unlimited
Nagamma Foundation awarded and felicitated MahaAcharya Sri Ravisankarji with Sadhana Prakasha Puraskara award In the virtue of his aspiring works in the fields of various aspects ranging from creative intelligence, child development to National integration, & economic growth of the country by Empowering farmers and Rural development.


What Our Learners Say

Now I am in the 7th-month pregnancy, Guruji. I am practicing "say and do", showing flashcards, and had a vision of the child. Daily I am doing it. Feeling baby movements while touch and talk, it's really a great feeling that can't be expressed in words, Guruji. I am enjoying my pregnancy ...

Thank you for your support guruji 

- Udayasri

We have been doing ‘say n do' to our little tot. We are seeing good responses from her. And also we are showing flashcards to her. Only for a couple of seconds, we could grasp her attention, which otherwise momentarily changing. She gazes whenever she listens to music or singing. We are enjoying a lot, we are very much thankful to Ravi Guruji and Gayathrima...

- Saithilak Kumar

Thank you so much for the well framed course and presenting it the way that is understandable . I take this opportunity to thank Raviji for this most valuable course.

- Mendu Jaya

Very powerful knowledge. I am glad that I enrolled my name when I'm planning my baby. Super excited to do the things and super duper excited to see my extraordinary child.

- Vrushali Gawade