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This device as we like to call it the Blood Ozonizing Band (BOB) is originally a design derived from a concept pitched by Bob Beck called as the Bob Beck Potentiator. In a remarkable discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC in 1990, it was shown that a minute current (50 to 100 micro amperes) can alter outer protein layers of virus in a petri dish so as to prevent its later attachment to receptor sites, (Science News, March 30,1991 pg. 207.) It may also reverse Epstein-Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome), hepatitis, and herpes B. This is reminiscent of a well proven cure for snakebite by application of electric current that instantly neutralizes the venom’s toxicity. (Lancet, July 26, 1986, pg. 229.) And there may be several other as yet undiscovered or untested viruses neutralizable with this discovery; perhaps more surprisingly, even the common cold.

This very slight and mild electrification of your blood does not kill any viruses or harm normal blood cells. Instead, the minute currents appear to alter and inhibit the ability of the outer protein layer of the virus to attach to lymphocytes (reverse transcriptase process) This blocks the binding of the virus with the host cell (Thymic-T lymphocyte; CD4 T-helper cells) so the virus is thought in effect to be neutralized, immobilized and eventually eliminated from the body. Rate of recovery is the product of current intensity multiplied by time of exposure. This communication describes a safe and tested procedure for interrupting virus and other infections’ reproduction. But you MUST avoid ingesting any medicinal consumables which are not prescribed by a certified physician, since blood electrification causes electroporation of cell membranes and can thus cause tremendous increase of molecular transport into cells resulting occasionally in extreme and toxic overdosing.

Electrification is now being successfully used underground around the world. One Eastern MD claims numerous documented cancer cures by using only blood electrification and no surgery, radiation, drugs or chemotherapy. Many were considered terminal. We’re even seeing clean blood tests of now healthy patients with previously long-standing Lupus. We have in our possession many IRB’s showing complete HIV remissions, sero-conversions, and negative PCR tests. The most reasonable theory of why electrification is so surprisingly effective for so many conditions lie in the now-proven fact that when correctly applied directly into blood (not into other body tissue like palms of hands, soles of feet, or organs) it neutralizes all microbes, pathogens, fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins and coexisting foreign lifeforms and alien invaders and their byproducts. Effective results are found under load with low impedance output which must deliver up to several milliamperes measurable current into skin to produce the required 50 to 100 microamperes internally through blood after the inevitable series resistance losses through vessel walls plus several layers of tissue.

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