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Frequently Asked

Do you offer any special consultation if require?
Personal contact class (chargeable): For any clarification or questions during the course, a consultation can be arranged with prior appointment
Advantages with e-course?
  • In many ways it is becoming easier and more effective as the parents are learning in their own native environment at their own leisure hours.
  • There are no hectic travels spending time and money polluting the atmosphere further.
  • It is more Eco-nomical for the couples to participate in the classes staying at their various locations.
  • Even a wife and husband staying thousand of Kms. away could take part together and enjoy learning with their family.
  • Doing assignments, sharing their materials online has become easier and more effective with multimedia presentations.
  • To followup, their participation after the course is also more effective with these online courses.
  • Parents even have a choice to take part in their own optional period of time.
  • Bed resting pregnant and couples staying away from each other have the highest advantage through these online ISP programs.
Things that are required for the session

Laptop or the Computer with the Headphones and Internet connection. For couples using single system, you would need a headphone jack splitter or two headphone jacks to attend the meeting, so that both can participate.

Whom to contact for further info?

If you want any further clarification and any further details, you are welcome to contact at [email protected] and/ or [email protected] Or click here and submit your query, we will respond soon possible.

Please call or SMS Gayathrima at +91-7569261234 / +91-8985507365, WhatsApp: +91-7569261234

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It is easier to teach a child of 3 years than a child of 4 years.
It is easier to teach a child of 2 years than a child of 3 years.
It is easier to teach a child of 1 years than a child of 2 years.

The earlier one starts, the easier it is.
In fact the best time to start is at the time of conception itself !
Prepare education of your baby before you go for conception.
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