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Do you train your mind to do this automatically?

Dear wonderful self,

Yes, you will start to see miracles happening in your life once you do just this one thing…

You see, we all have deep within some desires, we all are stuck to specific results or outcomes we want to achieve.

Like marrying this particular person…

Getting this specific placement at this specific profession…

Making that much amount of money within x period of time…

But this is exactly the problem!

Can you see an element of stress in your statement? As you stress more for specific results, you get stressed. Whenever you feel like stressed, and a feeling mixed with fear, hope and worry not to get it: then chances are you won’t get it.

It is the vibrations you transmitted which are positive mixed with negative stress.

Well I’m not saying don’t set specific goals, you should, in fact.

Your heart is to be relaxed, you better trust that the end output that you will reach will be exactly the best for you.

Then you won’t stress or worry at all, you will be just confident that the best will happen, even if it doesn’t look so at first sight.

Do you train your mind to do this automatically?

Just make it a point to sit comfortably or even lying down being alert, allow your mind to settle down. It may take about 20 to 30 minutes. Enjoy that blissful state of freedom from within. Just as you fund that quietness filling your heart, make the wish and visualize it.

Now you have the ability to positively trust its manifestations. Be specific in all clarity of your mind. Your desires start taking shape as per your visuals. Just continue enjoying that relaxed state which fuel your manifestations.

Do you too?

Written By Sri Raviji

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