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Empowering child with learning tools

Every creature explores. Their operative exploration is limited to the extent of their brain growth.
The creatures whose brain is limited to only the small conical part called Medulla, their exploration is limited to food, sex, protection from enemies. These creatures known as reptiles cannot think, nor learn anything new nor can they imagine. They do not have that facility. They just have to protect themselves.

The animals known as mammals have an extra facility of the brain which allows them to think and act according to the instructed training. Mammals like dog, cow, etc. can be trained to behave in a particular way. They have emotions and expressions. They can be programmed. Their exploration is to find a comfortable place to live in herds. They are protective of their species.

Highest evolved among all the living creatures known is the human. Humans have an extra facility of the brain called Cortex brain. It gives an opportunity to explore and find out something new like inventions and discover the principles of operation in the world. Humans can train other animals. they can tame the wild animals and grow plants needed. Humans can prepare for future contingencies.

Humans alone can predict the future in measurable terms. It is because of the brain that is provided to humans.In this scenario, reptiles are to be caged to sustain them. Mammals can be trained and left free yet they will definitely follow the instructions given. Humans want to be free all the time and it is their highest priority. They always explore possibilities of freeing themselves. They earn money to be independent. They build living places to enjoy freedom. They make laws to protect their freedom. They wage wars for that freedom. Their inventions are to provide more and more freedom in life. For them, freedom is their God.

Education is supposed to free humanity from ignorance. Knowledge frees from fears of unknown. Our education system is supposed to free man from dependency on others. It needs to make human more reliable and dependable.

Today’s education system is helping human to be able to develop skills which make one earn a living. We want to earn and save for future so that we will not be dependent even after we stop earning.

RIE’s ISP – Infanity Secret of Parenting explores that which makes life more and more free and independent. We need to be efficient to be able to explore. The first and foremost exploration is to find out the skills which bring in such an efficiency. We need the following tools:
1. Language
2. Logic
3. Information
4. Biological mechanism
5. Spiritual outlook
6. Inner microbial communication
7. Emotional expressions

Let us explore these tools in ISP and make the best use of them. It can be best applied on infants who are not yet influenced by the processes which curtail their freedom.

As parents, the first and the last rule to remember is that your child wants to be free and your whole purpose as parents is to provide tools to your child to free oneself. Know that freedom cannot be given. It is to be earned by developing living skills.

Are you prepared to facilitate your child to develop the living skills? Then this is for you.
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Written By Sri Raviji

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