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From knowing to enlightenment

We normally think within the boundaries of our knowledge. As the knowledge grows, our boundaries of thinking expand.

The sense organs are the receptors of our knowledge. They keep feeding us with information which on verification with other known facts will be considered as our knowledge.

We gain our knowledge from the world around processed by the memories and experience. Our knowledge depends on our past experiences and the present information received by the senses. Some of the past experiences may try to overpower the senses to create illusions of the past experiences as reality. A person who is well aware of the senses and their activity, can overcome the past experiences and set for the reality and truth. This is the wisdom based on facts and truth. The process is an inclusive and expansive one.

As we keep expanding the boundaries of thinking towards infinity, we express our wisdom. This will allows us to see beyond the limits of understanding. Wisdom promotes an infinite state of a being.

Salvation – an infinite state of broadening enlightenment. This needs training from an enlightened Master who is in touch with his wisdom. Such a Master can guide the seeker towards infinite abundant wisdom. Even reading such Masterly works help one to overcome the boundaries of the knowledge. Spending some time with such Masters will definitely allow that wisdom to dawn upon us. Earlier we catch such an opportunity it is better. We may have less to regret in life. Your child is the most fortunate to get this wisdom much earlier to you.

Right from the time of infancy where there is no sufficient knowledge to express one’s own perceptions to the time where one realizes one’s own infinite state of being is the “Infanity Education.”

Written By Sri Raviji

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