Hurry! To reach Hari!

Recently a friend of mine came to me with a complaint of heart problem. He is hardly 50 years and he thinks it is common problem for that age. He told me, “Ravi, I have a lot of responsibility at home and all of a sudden I come to know that my heart is in trouble and I may die if I do not go for surgery right away!”

I know him for almost from his childhood. He was a very happy guy, playing regularly and was very conscious of his diet and sleeping timings. He is a disciplined man. He had no bad habits. I asked him, “Do you eat meat?” He nodded negatively. I told him, “I do not think, you smoke or drink alcohol, right?” He nodded positively. I tied to ask him more questions but he interrupted, saying, “Give me a solution. I need it urgently.”

I tried to find out if he has taken any medical treatment of any order, like homeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, etc. But he interrupted me again saying, “I need a solution from you immediately else, I may not have enough time to live.”

I smiled and tried to console him saying “You will live long. You will be able to take care of your health. Just relax and listen to me carefully.” He sat for 2 minutes carefully but again he started moving restlessly as if there is some urgency. I asked him,” Do you want to use the toilet?” He said, “No.” I asked him, “Then why are you restless?”

He looked very pale and asked me in a low voice, “How long will it take you to give me the solution?”

Then I asked him, “What is the hurry?”

He said, “What if I die earlier to your solution?”

I said, “You seem to be in a hurry to reach Hari!”

He said in tears, “No. I don’t want to die soon. I have my children, who are still studying.”

This is what he said is common among the people of this age. It is not the heart problems. It is not the B.P. or Sugar complaints. It is not the headaches or any other chronic diseases. It is the hurry that is pushing them run around for solutions.

We lack patience. We got accustomed to running around and we thought that is the activity. We thought is the liveliness. We thought that is the busy life style.

We know that idle man’s mind is devil’s workshop. So we do not want to idle our lives. So to keep ourselves busy we watch TVs, go to pilgrimages or some other tours. We keep reading books or busy chatting or talking over phones hours together with friends. Watch movies…etc.

We want to kill time somehow and get killed by it!

Education is not of learning today. It is of achievements. It is all goal oriented. People do not know that learning cannot be goal oriented. The only goal to learn is to learn. We can use our knowledge and wisdom to achieve something in life. If learning itself is goal oriented, we lose the sense of learning but the goal dominates the learning.

Whenever you are in a hurry or in a fast pace, adrenaline starts pumping into your blood stream. It creates high torque in your metabolism. Whole metabolism starts running at a faster pace. Your heart starts pumping more. Your neurons become alert and act hectically. It is all a good exercise if done once a while. It gives a pep up feeling too!

If this continues for a period more than 40 minutes, it starts reversing the process. Your brain become fatigued. Body becomes lethargic. Your blood runs out of oxygen. In most of the cases it results in permanent damage to your circulatory and nervous systems. That could be one of the reasons why they make class periods to 40 minutes. Body requires a break once a while. Mind needs a diversion once a while.

People like my friend are many who are affected by the syndrome called “Hurry”. They are not in a hurry, but they are driven by their metabolism addicted to “hurry”. Their system will not allow them to relax. Their system will not allow them to have a break.

Their only option is breakdown of the system.

They need to be induced to sleep. They get relaxed only by intoxicants. Just as they are addicted to hurried life, they are also good to get addicted to many things in life, however much harmful they are.

But my fiend has not fallen a prey to the other addictions which normally people succumb to. My yet another friend who was in teaching profession died due to liver failure. He was addicted to alcohol and during the elections time, it was very much available to him. There was nothing wrong with him as such. He was also a nice guy.

It was all due to the hurry we cultivated as a tradition in our life style. We promote hurrying. We want everyone to move fast even in temple queues for darshan. Every queue line is meant to push and make a line and push. I recently went to a marriage and found people queueing up to give gifts and stand in queues for buffet.

It was not the case when we had our marriage 20 years back. We were celebrating the marriage so well that none was in a hurry to go or to eat. People shared lots of jokes taking almost an hour to finish the dinner.

People cannot watch more than 2 hours movies. English movies will be an hour or little more. We have no time to spend with family or friends. Joking is a waste of time. No time for sense of humor. Are we saving time?

Present technology is so quick that it takes no time to contact your friend far off. Everything is on our finger tips. Internet, Telephone, Camera, FM, Audio recorder, what not…all in one… Technology! What are we saving this time for? To spend in the hospitals or in the heaven soon?

You take food in the mouth and the taste is the factor that you can relish only when the food is in the mouth. No other part of the body has the taste buds. But we gulp food in a hurry not relishing it at all!

It is not the amount of food we eat, but the enjoyment we had while eating it. Right? If you eat slowly, you automatically eat less as you get satisfied while chewing.

I told some solutions to my friend sitting on the fire of hurry so that he may relax after that.

If you are in a hurry, you too may find them useful:

  1. Keep drinking water regularly which makes you take a break inevitably for a loo.
  2. Keep changing your place of work as frequently as possible. It helps slowing down your working speed. (This is why the Govt. servants get their transfers.)
  3. Try delegating work to others much more efficient than you. (There will be a bakra waiting for it)
  4. Become unimportant in the society to grab a nap whenever you need.
  5. Eat more number of times but very small quantities. Remember to provide sufficient nutrients.
  6. Do yoga that slows down the metabolism, unlike an exercise.
  7. Keep reading jokes and sharing jokes and create a jovial environment. Sense of humor is more important than just laughing and joking.
  8. I can write many more… but it is enough to enjoy a leisure all the time.

God has taken forms as human being to enjoy life here. What is your hurry to reach Hari?

Written By Sri Raviji

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