Leading a Peaceful and Loving Holistic Human Life

“For men may come and men may go. But I go on forever”
-Alfred Lord Tennyson in his “The Brook”

Life continues in spite of the odds we see and experience. Life existed millions of years before human being evolved. Religions evolved after millions of years of human life that came into existence. Human being came and started destroying the nature and the life on earth. Formed as groups and herds to fight against each other. Many such societies and civilizations are no more now. Human being has become an expert in eradicating many living species from this beautiful planet earth. So far, fortunately, human has not found any traces of life anywhere in the universe other than on this planet earth we all live in.

Fear driven human beings come together to fight against others trying to create fear in them.

The fear that existed as an animal in human beings did not vanish even after establishing the kingdoms and nations. Their physical body did not give them the confidence. Their armaments did not support them to overcome their fears. Their knowledge and understanding of the nature did not give them the strength to be courageous. Their properties, relationships and acquisitions did not make them feel they can now be fearless. From childhood to the end of life everyone perpetuated fear as their life’s message.

Then a few great men who could overcome their fears started preaching the science and technology of living life in bliss. People with all their fears started following them as they thought they are their saviors. Many felt safe in the thinking that they are protected by these great men and called them prophets or Gurus. A few prophets, in fact, successfully helped many to overcome their fears. But later all their teachings are followed by the people, lest they feared curse may be upon them!


When a great man who by the virtue of his sadhana or by the grace of God (reasons unknown) found oneself fearless, felt it is possible even for others to be like that. They started propagating the wisdom they gained by means of preaching or by establishing scriptures to retain the knowledge as an immortal treasure.

Great men had the vision for a beautiful world of peace. They had no discrimination of anyone as they never felt anyone their foe. They could experience love even in those who tried to hurt them in fear. Their behaviors and teachings were very peculiar to the normal view of the human being who is still struggling to overcome his animal instincts of survival.

After the great man, their followers started preaching the values passed on to them. The religions flourished well after the great man has left the world. Fortunate are those who lived with such great man and absorbed their qualities than just learnt the teachings by heart. The great man was a threat to many, as he had no fear whatsoever!

Even today many continue to feel threatened by a person who practices religion, rather than simply preaching the words said in their scriptures.

Different religions:

When Truth is one, why so many religions?

“Ekam Sat, viprah bahuda vadanti” says vedas. The holy Quran starts with the statement that before Prophet Mohammad came to the world there were more than a lakh prophets who visited this planet. The holy bible accepts it too. Same with any religion. Each one of the Masters has his own special ways of expression and impact on the society existed at that time.

As the world is going through a constant change, the prophets also kept on changing their modes and methods of teaching. When people were acting barbarians, they preached fighting for a noble cause. When societies were trying to influence each other forcefully, they preached peace and love. When people were cruel and selfish they taught non-violence and wisdom as the paths to harmony. If you catch holding any of them, out of context, you will be remaining in that age not able to accept the world at present.

So new dynamics and operational principles are required from time to time. A new evolution in the concept of religion has to be evolved. People who are stuck with the old patterns will find it non-digestible to this fact. Whether one likes it or not, every mind keeps changing according to the times.

The world is evolving and we all need to evolve to meet its demands. If we do not match the evolving world we become extinct. Human being could survive many natural disasters and evolution processes of the world from time to time. Today it is not the natural disaster that can harm the human life, but the unevolved human being. We have a few issues to discuss at this point irrespective of the religions. Some of the elate have to raise these questions to each and every one to reflect their thoughts on these issues. If religion is not a blind faith but a value that we respect and practice, then every religious person need to answer to the questioned raised in the name of religions.

Islam says,
Al- Quran 5:32  
…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”

Christianity says,

One of my favorite passages from the bible is from chapter 3 of St Paul’s letter to the Christians in Galatia in which he says (verse 28), ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’

Buddhism says:

“All tremble at punishment. Life is dear to all. Put yourself in the place of others; kill none nor have another killed”. 

Judaism says:

In the essence of the foundational root of this people [the People Israel]…is revealed the aspiration to create a great human collective that “shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment” (Genesis 18:19). This is the aspiration – built upon a clear and mighty consciousness and the highest and most inclusive moral imperative – to redeem humanity from the horrific burdens of spiritual and material sorrow, and to achieve for her a life of freedom filled with dignified glory and refined pleasure, in the light of the Divine Ideal, in order to achieve success for the human project in its totality.                                                           Rabbi Abraham Kook,Orot, pg. 104.

Hinduism: Bhagavat Gita Ch 10 Sl 20 Lord Krishna says:

“O, Arjuna, I am the ultimate consciousness situated within the heart of all living entities and I am the beginning, middle and the end of all living entities.”

Secularism, says,

No one should be discriminated by their religion”

Secularist groups are entirely opposed to discrimination against people on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Humanism says:

Gellius says that in his day humanitas is commonly used as a synonym for philanthropy – or kindness and benevolence toward one’s fellow human.


Humorism says:

So what is the wit in distinguishing all these religions and the schools of thoughts and philosophies? We just could have missed the final and the ultimate “ism” called “Humorism” the ability to have wit and a sense of humor. Whoever has lost the humor in life has lost the liveliness in life. Everyone who sees Charlie Chaplin movies will inevitably laugh forgetting ones identities.

Humorism picks the idea that when you laugh you have no fear. You see everyone as not a serious matter of discussion. Your intellectual barriers will break letting you see the lighter side of life. A not so serious person can do no harm. His sense of humor is much more contagious than any religion or any “ism”. Everyone prefers to be a part of it sooner or later.

The basic premise of Humorism is that everyone is born to laugh and enjoy life. God or no God, except yourself, nothing on earth can stop you from laughing.

So you have all the freedom to have humor and share it with others. Humor grows like wealth as you share with others. Humor is the ability to laugh at one’s own barriers and limitations than struggle to overcome them. People would easily understand the humor as it is very close to everyone’s heart. Just as a cry to the baby, humor is natural for a wise person.

People who lose their sense of humor become criminals. They will gradually upgrade themselves to terrorists taking the shelter of seriousness of a religion.

People who do not respect the essence of humor become cynical. They can be critical critics and impatient patients.

Humorism is the essence of all religions. It is the best positive part of any “ism”. The messiah of Humorism is the one who is able to laugh at himself for any silly cause. If you can crack jokes at yourself and when people are laughing at you, be able to laugh and enjoy, you lead Humorism.

Humor is the best way to express your love.

One who gets upset for the humor or a joke on oneself is the sinner. To clear his sins he needs to do a very jovial penance of reading humorous literature and movies till he is able to laugh.

To name a few, Khalil Gibran in his books and Antony De Mello in his works have generously shared their humor as the spiritual path of life. A person having humor is the most peace-loving person. A person who can turn a seemingly serious situation to a humorous enjoyment is the best management expert in the world.

The sense of humor is the 7th sense beyond the common sense which is now uncommon among the common people.

Sense of humor requires one to be creative and express in the most harmonious way. A humor is one which makes everyone enjoy. Your humor must make even those on whom you joked, enjoy laughing at it along with everyone. If life is meant to be happy and live in liberation, humor is the best way! Humorism is the best of all the religions. Every joke book is your holy scripture. Every joker is your Guru. If we can conclude with a joke and leave the situation as it is, every situation will find its own solution as the seriousness is diffused by the humor. No one has realized that it is the seriousness that itself is the trouble. Humor is the solution.

Everyone might have heard the statement: “Laughter is the best medicine.” Humor cures both the physical and Meta physical ailments. Humor is the best way one can serve the troubled. Instead of keep mourning a situation, let people learn to celebrate the sorrow and turn it into a festive. The creator of the world wants all His creation to be happy. I think he must be laughing so much at the ignorance of His creation trying to save Him in the name of religion.

Regular interactive sessions are to be held to find out how much of joy one has to share with others. Can you ask a poor man about becoming rich? A suffering person cannot find the solution. He is more in need of a solution. If we find anything troubling, take the advice and the guidance of the one who is not troubled by that situation and learn to overcome that trouble. A jovial and a happy one can offer solutions to every situation.

Let people of joy and spirit come together to help those in suffering to understand the wit and humor of life and start enjoying it. Let people stop making fun of others and start having fun with all.

The following sub-themes could be also extensively discussed and deliberated upon through presentations and interactive sessions among such people.

  1. The Concept & Origin of World Religions.
  2. Essence and Philosophy of World Religions.
  3. The Spirit behind Religious Divine Scriptures of the World Religions.
  4. The Holy Scriptures of various World Religions are Truly Guiding Lights (Jeevan Grantha) for Leading Holistic Human Life.
  5. Even though all World Religions teach the concept of Ethics, Morality, Universal Brotherhood, Love and Compassion, why has there been the highest bloodshed and massacre in the name of Religion? Is there any Solution to resolve these Conflicts?

Let me conclude with a story.

“THE SONG OF THE BIRD” by Antony De Mello

The disciples were full of questions about God.

Said the Master, “God is Unknown, the Unknowable. Every statement about Him,

Every answer to your questions, is a distortion of the Truth.”

The disciples were bewildered. “Then why do you speak about Him at all?”

“Why does the bird sing?” said the Master.

Not because he has a statement, but because he has a song.

The words of the Scholar are to be understood. The words of the Master are not to be

Understood. They are to be listened to as one listens to the wind in the trees and the sound of the river and the song of the bird. They will awaken something within the heart that is beyond all knowledge.

Presented by:

M.R. Ravisankar, Yuva Acharya, Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra (founded by Sri Rishi Prabhakar), Bangalore



I thank my Guruji Sri Rishi Prabhakar and our SSY-Siddha Samadhi Yoga parivar, who always guided and appreciated my sense of humor. My humble pranams to Bhagawan Sri Vishweshwariah who by his own example made me realize the humorous aspect of living. I am thankful to all the great men who inspired me to take life as a gift of God.

My special thanks to my family who diffuses the serious situations and make it enjoyable at every moment.

Written By Sri Raviji

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