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The last week of Pregnancy

Having a baby is a drawn-out process. 9 months of keeping another human being inside your belly is not a joke. And keeping your relationship excitable during that period can also prove to be stressful. After all, couples feel different. Hormonal changes, mood swings, and altered chemicals in the body and brain can all distract couples who are concentrating on becoming mothers and fathers.

On top of that, when the kid enters this world, s/he tends to take up a larger slice of the care and attention pie. Hence, it becomes all the more important to bear these things in mind in the final week leading up to you becoming a parent:

1. Don’t Let Anything Come In Between Intimacy

The final week can make you feel unattractive and tired. It’s definitely not the best of circumstances to feel hot in. Resting takes priority over cuddling or making love. But intimacy with your partner, even if just a little, can make a lasting difference to your relationship before and after the baby is born. The sex may not the best, but a romance will definitely help you feel bonded with your partner.

2. Plan A Rendezvous

Stepping out of your home that is full of baby books can really be nice for a change. That time out doesn’t necessarily have to come with candlelit dinners and the whole shebang. It could even just be tea instead of cocktails and eggs instead of steak! All that’s important is to explore the outside together.

3. Talk About Everything Except Having A Kid Together

During that long period of pregnancy, sometimes it may feel like all you talk about with your partner is related to your soon-to-arrive child. Most of your interactions may consist of questions such as, “Did you read that book?” or “What kind of bassinet should we buy?” Although this is important, it is equally crucial that you have a regular conversation, such as the ones you shared before you decided to raise a child together.

4. Be Adventurous

Once you have your baby, seasons will go by like days, leaving almost no time for the two of you. So, just before that life begins, try to do something fun together. The kind of activities you can engage in may be less (given the pregnancy), but there are definitely many ways to be creative! Be stupid, crazy, and foolish in each other’s company, even if it’s just for a day. At a later point, when you are running around all the time, you will certainly remember this time fondly.

5. Plan Some Time Together At The Supermarket

You must have already done all the shopping there is to do for your future newborn. So, now in this last week, try and take some time out to buy stuff just for the two of you. How about a few candles to light up around your bathtub for a night of wine and relaxation? Surely, you can still think of buying a good number of non-baby items that will make your life just a little bit better!

6. Sit Back And Enjoy Visual Stories At Home

Remember that time when you were dating and would watch your favorite TV shows or movies at each other’s apartments? Well, it may be helpful to rekindle that mutual laziness during this last week. Anything from horror and romance to mystery and erotica would do.

I’m sure you know how important it is to spend some romantic time with your partner. It may be difficult to find that time when you are tired and full of a baby, but it’s definitely worthwhile! So, go ahead and bond with the love of your life in this last week before you begin your journey as parents

The wife accommodating the husband’s anxiousness with care and romance will definitely find assurance from each other to their partner.

Written By Sri Raviji

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