The rights and responsibilities of Youth in emerging India

Past and future:
India has a glorious history. There is no other country in the world with such an age old history dating back to millenniums and ages. Where rest of the world is not woken up with human evolution, India had already a cultured society with scriptures with global vision. “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” is a statement wishing all the worlds to live in joy. It is not just about the world we exist, even those we might never had thought of also are included.

Samskrut being it’s scientifically developed language, India, Bharath demonstrated life styles that became epics today.

Bharath offered vedas and the vedantic wisdom which will provide both a livelihood and a life beyond the limits of birth and death cycles.

All the cultures cited as ancient today had all quoted the glory and wisdom of our Rishis.

If there is any future that we see for the world, it all lays in the past established principles discovered by Bharathiya  Guru Parmapara.

If we wish to live in harmony, it is guided by the Smritis offered by our Indian Rishis. If we wish to learn to utilize the natural resources to lead a life prosperous yet, in tune with nature, it is guide by the Vedas, especially by the Atharvana Veda.

Future of computer education depends on using Samskrutham as the language or it will limit itself soon.

Future of Information technology (tantra) has to adopt the Aphoristic sounds called “Mantras” or commands of the Inner world.

Future of politics and well-being has to adopt the 4 maha vakyas –

“prajñānam brahma”

“ayam ātmā brahma”

“tat tvam asi”

“aham Brahmasmi”

A Global transformation:

World is going through a change throughout the history. Many wars happened in the name of people, societies, castes, creed, religions and beliefs. Each war was a part of human evolution. It gave birth to a new way of life. Today people are aware of the disaster one can cause by wars. People and countries have evolved to understand that there is no point in fighting as it never ends. Those barbaric acts of homicide and genocides have yielded worse situations than ever.

No one is above all! Our P M has proclaimed himself as the Prime servant of the country not the ruling Master!

Globalization in the market and Globalization in IT has brought very high impact on the remote lives of people who think they are not a part of the world. It has forced everyone to open their homes. Education is now a compulsory part of life. Human health and wellbeing is no more a vanity but a necessity. Life is assured of future beyond its limits with Insurance system. Life has found a purpose in enjoyment.

Human transformation:
In spite of the global changes taking place human values have not improved much. People are yet trying to live in their cocoons of security and pride. Many Gurus have come and again reinforced the need for a human transformation. Many started taking shelter under their preaching and started finding solution to their confusions. The concept of God from a savior to a set of principles of life and values has emerged.

It is now time for the older generations to give way for the new, young and energetic people to take the reins of life! It is challenge for the individual to adopt the global values or to become extinct like any other ice age creatures.

Written By Sri Raviji

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