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Unhealthy is not illness

You fall sick due to illness. 

Opposite of sickness is health.  That means you overcome the sickness by eliminating the illness to find yourself healthy.

Opposite of healthy is not illness. It is unhealthy, which is not necessarily an illness. Unhealthy and sickness are both disease states of suffering. So we normally consider both unhealthy state and sickness due to ailments are one and the same.
Understanding Disease:
Disease is simply dis-ease that is not being at ease. It might be a physical or mental suffering but cause might be different. If the cause is due to an infection or an injury it is to be treated by medicines prescribed by doctors. If the unhealthy condition is due to some malfunction of a part of the body it cannot be rectified by medicines. Here life style changes and healthy practices alone help. Medicines may act on the effects of malfunction of the parts of body but can not rectify that part.
What is the cure?
A common cold, malaria fever, typhoid and such infections are well treated by modern medicines. Injuries and physical damages due to accidents can be rectified by surgeries. But diseases like Diabetes,  High or low B.P., Ulcers to Cancer are not treated by medicines. They are called chronic diseases. They are not curable by medical treatments, which can only suppress their symptoms for some time. Doctors suggest patients to be calm and be rested. Rest definitely heals all diseases. So it is suggested to do yoga practices like meditation,  pranayam,  asanas, etc. Of course they are supposed to be practiced for the ‘rest’ of their life.
Answered by ancient Rishis:
The question arises,  how come a person was healthy before, even when he was not practicing these good healthy practices? That shows one is by default  healthy. It is the original nature of everyone to be healthy. But today we do not know how to come back to our original healthy state from any abbarations due to some internal or external causes. This secret is discovered and solved by our ancient Rishis. They discovered some concoctions extracted from herbs etc and prepared solutions for bringing anything to it’s original healthy potential states instantly. These are far from the medicinal world of thinking.  They are called “RASA SIDDHI“. They have their own intelligence to work on the affected part or system of the body whether it is living or nonliving. Rasa siddhi in Tamil is called “Muppu“.
Muppu has five characters:
1. Can penetrate through any media.
2. Can identify the unhealthy condition and start working directly on the cells.
3. Eliminates and cleanses poisons, toxic materials and dead cells.
4. Repair broken or damaged cells to start functioning.
5. Replace and potentialize the cells for the complete state of wellbeing called health.
First example, if Muppu is applied on pancreas as a body spray, it penetrates through skin and other layers of the body, reaches pancreas and start potentializing it instantly. If that part is damaged or having may dead or nonfunctional cells, continuous use of muppu will replace those cells in a short period.
This doesn’t require a medical intervention excepting for studying the parameters of it’s function so that medicines can be stopped gradually.
In some cases like infections,  muppu helps in making the medicines effective by activating body cells to respond to the medicines. What may take one week of medicinal treatment can be reduced just in one day or a few hours to minutes by using muppu. The principle is just the opposite of medicines. In stead of working against the disease causing conditions,  potentialize the body to come to it’s original healthy state. Immunity is a natural result.
How fast is muppu?
Younger the person faster will be the healing process. Earlier we start using muppu, faster it heals. A young man hurt himself with burns. We sprayed muppu on his affected parts after 2 minutes. It healed him in 20 minutes without any visible injury. If this was applied a few minutes late, it could have taken hours to heal. Medical treatment would have prolonged it for weeks together with bandages. This is the effect of Muppu.
A chronic patient of diabetes was regular with dialysis as his both kidneys are not functioning. After 5 days of applying muppu, his kidneys became active and his Sugar levels came down from 390 to 250. A cancer patient is recovering to normalcy in a month. Now there are lots of cases as testimony. It is the time for shifting to muppu as the curative to all diseases. On experience you will be an expert in treating various diseases. You can help humans, animals, plants and even the inanimate things to function better with muppu. You may contact Gayathri ma at 7569261234 for more information.

Written By Sri Raviji

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