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Why decide, when you are not the creator?

Life is complicated because we keep looking forward for the things to be run by others. Our anxieties spring out of our uncertainty towards the decisions made by others. That is what drives us to make decisions of our own.

What happens when we decide on our own over an issue?

It first stops all the anxiety in making the decision. It is just like you wrote your exams and feel good after coming out of the exam hall. Feel calm that one anxiety is over. Then again you start praying for the success as you are not sure whether you will get the desired results or not. You feel that it is decided again by someone else. When you have no choice to decide there, that anxiety continues further.

How does this anxiety ever stop in life?
As long as you think that decisions are made somewhere, by someone, you keep anxious about what could happen to you. Life is a perpetuation of this anxiety and we pass it on to our next generation also as our valuable property. That’s how we get hereditary diseases like B.P., Sugar, Migraine and Arthritis etc., most of which come out of our anxiety.

Can you ever be able to find an answer to it? At the most you may give it up and embrace failure. That again will not make you anyway happy and free from anxiety. Your decision to give up is giving the same result of anxiety as your decision to choose.

So what can you do about it now?

First and foremost let’s accept that you can do nothing to stop anxiety. Anything you do will add energy to the anxiety than help you overcome it. I think you are not convinced. Then try do something about it!

You may take some medication to reduce or control the anxiety. It will give some temporarily induced relaxation from the anxiety. Again as the medicinal effect reduces the same anxiety over powers you. As you become weaker and weaker using the medicines, you may drop like a vegetable not able to even get anxiety. Do you think your problem is solved? Never is it going to help you.

How does this anxiety ever stop in life?

So ‘nothing to do’ is the solution. ‘Doing nothing’ is the way! This is the silence of SSY-Siddha Samadhi Yoga- Science of Silence Yoga. Once you enter into your silence you will find your ability to relax deeply. All that you decided here is not to take any decision and let the world run in its way for a short period. Miracles start happening as the new vistas of life unfold itself.

Just take the decision to “not to take decision”

It may look paradoxical. But the solution is very simple. It is possible too!

You can decide over it now or later. But life begins from the moment you understand it and decides over it.

What is Life?

Life is not making decisions and running after trying to fulfill your decisions. You are not bound to do things just because some time back you decided it. Just like the doctor took a decision to do surgery and so even if the patient is not alive he did his operation! It may look funny to go and attend the examinations even after you decided to quit.

Most of our lives we struggle to meet the decisions we made a few decades back. Just because you decided to marry her, you need not hang on to her for the life time. Feel free and allow her to be free! Once that freedom comes in between the couple, there is space for love to blossom. Here you will decide to live together not because you decided some years back, but because you enjoy being in love with each other.

Relieve yourself from your past karmas and the decisions you made and start reliving life!

All the best. Take Samadhi as the process to drop all the past karmas and start enjoying life free from all “cides”… starting from de’cide’, pesti’cide’, insecti’cide’ sui’cide’.

‘Decide’ is from the same origin of words related to ‘killing’!

Be quiet and allow life to flow freely!

Written By Sri Raviji

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