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Yes parenting

There is a voice inside everyone which comes in between our thoughts.  Do you remember the nasty things that your inner critic said to you? 

If you’re like most people, a lot of them felt like roadblocks. They start with phrases like:

* You can’t
* You shouldn’t
* You won’t
* Don’t
* Stop

What all these words and phrases have in common is that they are limiting.

Your inner critic might be trying to protect you, but it’s also trying to limit you.

And you know what? Limiting beliefs can prevent success – if you let them.

The way to get rid of limiting beliefs is to identify them and to understand that they are only beliefs, not facts.

Today, I want you to note any limiting beliefs that you have. They may come from your inner critic or they might be things that you know are holding you back. Here are a few of the most common limiting beliefs:

* I don’t have time
* I don’t have the resources I need
* It’s too late for me to do what I want to do
* I procrastinate too much

You get the idea. Whatever you tell yourself that can hold you back from success is a limiting belief.

Rewrite them so each one starts with “I believe.” And make sure to keep an eye out for my email tomorrow, when I’ll tell you how to banish those limiting beliefs for good.

Written By Sri Raviji

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